Pawpoints are points collected when you purchase with us. This Pawpoints system is created to enable our customers to enjoy goodies when they are loyal, constantly purchasing item from our shop. It is a token of appreciation for shopping with us!

How Pawpoints works
Pawpoints are collected everytime you purchase from us.
RM1 - 1point.

How to redeem items with Pawpoints
It's very simple! 1point IS RM1. Simple collect enough Pawpoints to redeem for the clothing of your choice. Once redemption is made, Pawpoints will be deducted from your record. (:

Pawpoints value for each item
The Pawpoints for each item are not stated in the post. How do you know what is the total Pawpoints needed for that item? Simple! Simply multiply the price of that item by 10 and there you go, the Pawpointpoints needed for the item. (:

For example, the item's price is RM34. 34 x 10 thus, the Pawpoints required to redeem that item is 340 Pawpoints.

Kitty Tales Gift Certificate via Pawpoints
Pawpoints can be purchased by cash and gifted to your loved ones.

For example, to purchase 300 Pawpoints, all you need to do is pay RM30 and we will enter the amount of Pawpoints you own to our records. Please let us know the name of the recipient of the gift. He/She will be able to immediately redeem the items. Postage fees are to be borned by the recipient if the total amout of Pawpoints does not cover the postage fees.

Pawpoints system will be effective starting from Batch #8.

Customers' Pawpoints List

Adelynn Teng - 50 Pawpoints

Edayu Zulkiply - 65 Pawpoints

Cheryl - 60 Pawpoints

Grace Wong - 34 Pawpoints

Charlene Thaw - 50 Pawpoints

Nur Fitri - 136 Pawpoints

Sophia Yele Chin - 135 Pawpoints

Vivienne Lim - 55 Pawpoints

Lung Kye Lin - 40 Pawpoints

Debbie - 38 Pawpoints

Terms & Conditions
1. Pawpoints cannot be redeemed for cash.
2. Once Pawpoints are used, they will be deducted.
3. Pawpoints have no expiry date. So take your time to collect your Pawpoints.
4. Pawpoints can be transferred to another party if both party agrees for the transaction to take place.
5. Postal charges paid will not be converted into Pawpoints. Only the price of the item will be converted.
6. We have the right to add on or change the terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice.